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The Assessor Has The Forms You Want!


     During our lives, we wonder many times "What can I do to solve my problem?"  Although the assessor can't solve every problem out there, he is often able to help with many of the issues regarding residential property.  For example, when the floods hit the Rutland Township area recently, many folks received the PTAX-327 "Application for the Natural Disaster Homestead Exemption" or the PTAX-245 "Disaster Area Application for Reassessment" form to help with the disaster. 

But the assessor has other forms which may be of value to you:

1. Registration for Mobile Home Owners

2.  Real Estate Assessment Complaint

3.  Request for Duplicate Delinquent Property Tax Notice

4.  Certification of Assessment Year 2013 Farmland Values

5.  Senior Assessment Freeze (if family income is under $55,000 & taxpayer is 65 years old or older)


There may be other issues which concern you.  If so, contact:

Assessor Bill Strong, Jr.



Assessment Too High!


     When a taxpayer considers filing a complaint on their assessment, the first step along the way is the assessor's office.  This is to make sure that a clerical error wasn't made.  The assessor will explain the things you may wish to include with your complaint:


a.  assessment and pictures of three comparable properties

b.  possibly, an appraisal

c.  pictures indicating wear and tear on the home

d.  brief explanation of the reason you are filing the complaint

e.  recent purchase price

f.   recent remodeling costs (labor will be included if it isn't already)


      There may be other specific issues which you may wish to present at a hearing with the county Board of Review which are not covered above.  If the issue cannot be resolved locally, the taxpayer can ask for a hearing with the Board of Review by calling 815-434-8231 or contacting: